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You don't get to say "Let's start again" when negotiating a deal. A small mistake in approach can result in a second rate deal which can be virtually impossible to recover from. That's why it's important that you have negotiation experts working with you and your team so you can be sure you get it right. After all in business and life - you get what you negotiate.

UK based Focal Point Coaching provides contract negotiation courses, services and training to ensure you get the result you want and the other parties feel they do too a real win/win, situation. To find out how we can work with you to negotiate that winning deal contact us today.

Negotiation makes you money

Without doubt, negotiation is the single piece of training that is certain to deliver your business results. Almost all companies want to buy for less and sell for more. Focal Point UK can help you do that with our range of contract negotiation services.

Experience you can count on to get you results

Focal Point Coaching is run by leading commercial coach Steve Jones. He and his team are experts in all types of negotiation and can train you or your staff to become negotiation experts. Steve is qualified to British Psychological Society Level B - as well as being an accredited NLP master practioner.

Contract negotiation training designed around you

To get the type of negotiation training that works for your business we offer a range of different coaching for both individuals and groups. We also offer specialist instruction in such areas as negotiating with retailers, negotiating for retailers or in the professional services arena - Giving you the edge at the negotiation table.

Get the ball rolling

Contact us today to find out how our contract negotiation training, courses and services can make the difference to your business. Giving you the edge at the negotiation table.

Focal Point Negotiation UK - contract negotiation services, courses and training to make the difference

Five reasons why people do poor deals:

1. They plan incorrectly for negotiations
2. They do not understand the decision-making process
3. They make little or no attempt to alter the balance of power
4. They believe things that are not true
5. They do not understand the rules of the negotiation game